Commercial Solar System

Solar makes business sense.

  • Seamless interaction with your conventional utility power simply reduces monthly bill. There is no maintenance or operating cost.
  • Flat roof mounting systems provide a non-penetrating solar mounting system keeping roof warranties intact.
  • Government incentives include state grants, a 30% Federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation (MACRS).
  • Financing options include traditional loans, operational (tax) leases.
  • Solar provides a cushion from electricity inflation.  Lock in the cost of your power and hedge against rate shocks as the price of electricity continues to rise.
  • Promote your business with tools including on site kiosks and web based data sites.

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  • Clean power is better for the environment.  Reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to help decrease the emissions that are contributing to global climate change. Employee and customer recruitment, loyalty and retention will benefit as your business enjoys the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Getting starting (inquire form)

Process to get from initial contact to successful project completion:

  1. Contact Bodine Scott Renewable using the online inquiry form or by calling our office.  The more information you provide on the form, the quicker we can help you.  Please send digital photos or electronic plans if you have them.
  2. Initial “remote” assessment and consultation.Bodine Scott Renewablewill use the information you provide as well as satellite images to prepare a preliminary proposal for your review. We will discuss this with you via phone and email, answering any questions and explaining the details.  From this you can make an informed decision whether or not to take the next step.    
  3. Set up a site visit. At an “on-site visit” one of our Project Developers will visit your site to take photos, measurements and assess your site’s energy potential.  At this stage a solar pathfinder reading is taken.
  4. Receive and accept a proposal. Using the information gathered at the site visit, our Project Developers will send you a detailed quote and design proposal.  After you accept a proposal, you will sign a contract and make an equipment down payment.  At that point, your project will be put into process: grant paperwork will be completed if applicable, equipment will be ordered and we will put you on the installation schedule.  NOTE: Delays in grant submission, approval and agreements, as well as equipment delays may substantially affect this timeline. Bodine Scott Renewablewill do everything possible to make this process efficient.
  5. Installation and commissioning.  Installations can take anywhere from one to five days, depending on the complexity and size of the system. Obviously, a larger commercial installation may take much longer than a single family home installation.  Our staff will make you aware of what our estimated time on site will be at the contract stage.

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