AEP Residential Standard Offer Program

AEP is offering the Residential Standard Offer Program (RSOP) through its Texas distribution companies which include AEP Texas Central Company (TCC).

In its Standard Offer Programs (SOPs), AEP contracts with Bodine Scott Renewable to deliver peak demand savings (measured in kilowatts, or kW) and/or annual energy savings (measured in kilowatt-hours, or kWh) by installing qualifying energy efficient measures at existing homes.

All participants must be customers of the AEP distribution company (AEP Texas Central customers may be identified by ESI ID’s beginning with 100 327 894).


Envelope Measures

  • Insulation: ceiling, wall and floor
  • Energy Star®-quality windows
  • Infiltration control
  • Duct sealing

Cooling and Ventilation Measures/Projects

  • High efficiency air conditioning replacements
  • Variable speed drive applications for HVAC equipment*

Heating Measures/Projects

  • Standard-efficiency heat pump to high-efficiency heat pump conversion

Electric Water Heating Measures

  • ENERGY STAR® clothes washers
  • ENERGY STAR® Dishwashers
  • High efficiency gas water heater replacing electric resistance water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters*
  • Waste heat recovery units*

Other Measures/Projects

  • ENERGY STAR® refrigerators

Renewable Energy Measures (All renewable measures subject to approval by PUCT)*

  • Space conditioning (heating or cooling)
  • Water heating
  • PV or other distributed generation


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